The Rise of Pickleball: America’s Fastest-Growing Sport in 2023

Introduction: Pickleball, a blend of ping pong, badminton, and tennis, has captured the hearts of Americans, solidifying its position as the nation's fastest-growing sport for the third consecutive year. Originating in 1965 near Seattle, this dynamic game's accessibility and social appeal have propelled it into [...]

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The Crucial Choice: Road Base Over Gravel for Backyard Pickleball Courts

When it comes to backyard pickleball courts, the foundation is the unsung hero that ensures the longevity and stability of your project. One key decision that often goes overlooked is the choice between road base and gravel for creating a solid base. In this article, [...]

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The value a civil engineer brings to building a backyard pickleball court

Our Head of Construction at Backyard Pickle Courts is a perfectionist who also happens to be a civil engineer. If you want your court done right, we're the company for you. Civil engineers, with their expertise in designing and constructing various types of infrastructure, are [...]

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Why Post-Tension when building your backyard pickleball court?

At Backyard Pickle Courts, we specialize in Post-Tension courts. In fact, we are one of the rare court builders in Utah with installer certification from the Post-Tensioning Institute. Post-tension pickleball courts have emerged as a game-changing innovation that offers several advantages over traditional concrete courts. [...]

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Why you should avoid working with inefficient pickleball court builders

Building a backyard pickleball court is an exciting endeavor. However, not all construction companies are created equal, and working with an inefficient one can turn your dream court project into a nightmare. In this blog post, we will discuss why you should avoid partnering with [...]

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Pickleball, America’s Fastest Growing Sport

Pickleball, America's fastest growing sport, has captured the hearts of players of all ages. This exciting game combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis to create a unique and engaging experience. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting out, pickleball offers a fun [...]

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